A new form of gallery, Design Boxes is based online and has a physical extension in the form of boxes which act as the “gallery space”.


Design Boxes promotes fresh design and is home for selected young designers from various fields.


All pieces are designed and manufactured in very limited and numbered editions.


Each box is part of the gallery and contains a number of pieces relating to each other, which together create a complete experience.

With senior management experience from the U.S. and Israel, Atara Dzikowski, founder & CEO of Design Boxes, has combined her skills and passion to create a new and fresh home for young designers.

“Design Boxes is a wonderful way to provide exposure and new opportunities for young designers, while giving Art and Design lovers access to fresh and underexposed talent”.

In addition to her work with Design Boxes, Atara is also the manager of the Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Prior to this, she served as Director of Development & Public Affairs of Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art and spent years working for the news stations of the leading Israeli television networks.


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